Choosing the right Terrazzo Marble Tiles for your Snazzy Sydney Home

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Terrazzo marble tiles have made a huge comeback in Sydney kitchens and homes because of its versatility and remarkable visual effect.  Back in 15th Century Europe, Venetian craftsmen made use of broken and irregular shaped marble, set in goat’s milk and clay, to create stunning floors for their patios and terraces (terrazzo in Italian, hence the name terrazzo tiles).

Nowadays in Sydney, and various parts of the world, people are creating wonderful mosaics in their own homes, thanks to the invention of electric grinder in the 1920’s. The countless advancement in the flooring and tiling industry over the past centuries made it possible for us to have a vast, and quite overwhelming, number of choices today. So here are helpful guidelines to help you choose the right terrazzo marble tiles for your Sydney abode.

Surface and tile size

The first step would be determining which surfaces you would like to adorn with Sydney terrazzo marble tiles. If you are redecorating just a certain area, like your bathroom and kitchen, then it would be for either just the counter tops, walls, or the floors. Bigger tiles are of course recommended for floors, and smaller tiles are ideal for walls. If the whole house is being spruced, the expression “the more, the better” applies befittingly in using terrazzo marble tiles for your Sydney house. Why? Because Sydney terrazzo marble tiles are very practical to maintain and quite easy to clean. Imagine having family friends with little children over and having their kid draw a stick figure onto your painted or wallpapered walls.

What a nightmare to clean up! If you have water repellent Sydney terrazzo marble tile walls then it would just be a matter of washing and wiping. That is why many hotels, office buildings, and hospitals opt for this very practical tile variety. It is highly recommended for you to use terrazzo marble tiles in your Sydney home for surfaces that incur heavy foot traffic like the entry way, hallways, kitchen, bathroom, patio, pool, and other outdoor areas.


Choosing the right color of terrazzo marble tiles for your Sydney home can be daunting so here are a few things to consider. Are you decorating the whole house, or just your kitchen, or only the bathroom? Keep in mind that the color of the Sydney terrazzo marble tile sets the mood for the room. Lighter hues like pastels and cream can make a room look larger so they are ideal for hallways and bathrooms.

Darker hues and earth colors are recommended for larger areas like open plan kitchens and other spacious areas of the house that get plenty of natural light. Look at color wheel, especially if you’re redecorating only a certain area, to examine which combination of shades create a good contrast with existing hues in the room. If you are deciding the right color of terrazzo marble tile for your Sydney kitchen wall, bathroom wall, and other small areas, then choose contrasting colors that would pop out like works of art.

Design and stone combinations

One of the best reasons for selecting terrazzo marble tiles to glamorize your Sydney home is that you can pick from a cornucopia of material aggregates and design choices, plus you can even make your own masterpieces. Do you have a family crest for your foyer or driveway? Do you have a seashell and pebble collection or other memorabilia that you want to be immortalized onto the kitchen wall or receiving room? Or do you want your living room floor to have a map of Australia? There are so many ways to personalize terrazzo marble tiles to decorate your Sydney home.

There are also plenty of ready made attractive designs to choose from. Simple designs or ornate mosaics made from a combination of marble chips, crushed glass, recycled glass, mother of pearl, granite and even glitter chips are just some of the common stone combinations used in Sydney terrazzo marble tiles.

Mix and Match sizes and colors

Do not be afraid to mix and match various Sydney terrazzo marble tile sizes and colors. You can use different sized and colored tiles to create borders or outlines indoors. Outdoor areas are the perfect place to get creative with different hues and designs you can select when using terrazzo marble tiles for your Sydney home.

Browse online for inspiration on terrazzo marble tile combinations in Sydney that you can use for your poolside, patio, or driveway. Larger tiles can be combined with inner smaller tiles with intricate patterns to create a frame for the overall picture of the design. If you are a chess enthusiast then you can create a chess board design on your patio table or even a life size version on the terrace floor.

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